Our network of agents is by invitation-only, and every member is vetted through a process that involves research, other member recommendations and one-on-one conversations or meetings. We want to make sure the group stays high-level and that the energy is productive. 

To join the group, an agent must typically deal with luxury properties, which in the Boston market we are defining as listings $5M and above. The main criterion for selection is not necessarily sales volume, but quality and significance of listings. We also deeply care about having members who are willing to share and cooperate with each other, especially with regards to off-market/private listings.


There is a charge of $45 per month to members of the network. New members will be offered the first month free of charge. All members can opt out of the network at any time. Benefits of the membership include:

1.Networking Forum and App 

Members join the private forum and app, where they can engage in private conversations and showcase off-market properties. All of our events are also managed through this app. 

The private forum/app also includes a database of members’ off-market/private listings and buyer inquiries. Members can submit their properties to be shared with the group. Only members of TPL are able to see these listings. We also provide a database of members’ inquiries on behalf of buyers. 

2.Private Groups

Members can also create their own private groups within the online forum/app, where they can invite a subset of members in order to share information even more discreetly.

3. Participation In Invitation-only Events and Programs

Invitations include, among others, networking events to showcase members’ listings, conferences, networking breakfast/lunch/dinners and workshops. Some events might involve a fee.

Members will be invited to no fewer than 6 events per year. Some events will be limited to a subset of members, as we might deliberately seek to balance agent composition (ie, we might want a good mix of agents from the suburbs and city in some events, while other events might be suited only for agents within one market).

Examples of upcoming events:

  • Private luncheon with Kathy Condon, CEO of MLS PIN, to discuss the new NAR Clear Cooperation Policy and what it means for agents who often work with private listings.
  • Networking and cocktails with Cheryl Eisen, founder and CEO of Interior Marketing Group, a high end staging and interior design company from NY. IMG will unveil their plans for their entry into the Boston market, including an exclusive collaboration with The Private List. 
  • Networking luncheon to discuss client closing gifts, and present details of an exclusive collaboration with Bloomingdales.
  • Throughout the year we also organize themed networking events at some of our members’ significant listings (our recent events have focused on themes like staging and innovative collaborations for luxury listings.)

4. Inclusion in our referral network 

When clients come directly to us, and if they are not yet working with a real estate agent, we draw from within our network of accomplished agents to make a referral. Prior to making the referral, we work with our clients to understand their goals, expectations, timelines and markets of interest, and we help them through the due-diligence process of selecting the right agent for their needs. 


These optional features are available to members of The Private List who select the Premium Membership Tier (additional $50/month). 

1) Discounted rate for our Property Evaluation and Consulting Services. 

As a premium member you will have complimentary 25 hours/year of our Property Evaluation Services (our usual rate with private clients is $175 per hour). 

Via this service, you can bring TPL’s expertise to assist with clients who might be considering staging/decluttering/organizing prior to selling a home, or who might be planning extensive renovations to a property they might acquire. We tap into our network of exceptional service providers, including TPL’s in-house interior designer, to help your clients think through their needs, budget and expectations. When applicable, we can assist with production of a preliminary scope of work document to facilitate the evaluation of bids and budgeting. 

2. Opportunity to Host a “Featured Listing” event. 

Premium members of The Private List can showcase one of their listings (limit 1 per year) via a special event, designed around a topic of interest to members. TPL will manage all logistics and promotion of the event. As a host you agree to cover the cost of  food and drink.