How The Private List Works

Our work with agents: The TPL Network 

We believe that high-level networking among agents is critical to making deals happen. That’s why we devise ways to connect our members with each other, via our invitation-only network. Our events and member-only opportunities allow agents to stay in touch, connect and promote their luxury listings with one another. 

Our Work with Sellers

The process of placing a house on the market can be daunting. Ideally, a seller should begin to think about this process well in advance of the time when they actually want to sell the home. Buyers in the luxury space today are extremely discerning: they want a home that is turn-key. Properties that are decluttered, organized, updated in key rooms (kitchens, bathrooms) and, if feasible, staged, will have a higher probability of selling faster and at a premium. 

When we meet with you, we evaluate your home and provide you with a comprehensive timeline and plan of action, so you can set expectations for the journey ahead. We help you with the due diligence process as you select an agent to work with, and if you’re already working with an agent from our network, we become a partner in the process and help connect both of you with the best services to help you prepare your home. 

Our Work With Buyers

If you’re a client of one of our member agents, we can help evaluate a home you might be considering for purchase. We assist with cost estimates for remodels, so you can better understand the investment you’re about to make. When you close on the property, we can assist with selecting the right team to help transform your new home, and in select cases we can continue working with you to help manage the entire process. 

More questions?

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.