Your Real Estate Journey Starts Here.

Welcome to The Private List. We are a curator of luxury real estate services for those embarking on the exciting journey of buying or selling a home.

We are here to connect you with the most accomplished and discerning players across the luxury real estate universe. We draw from our network of elite real estate agents and service providers (organizers, stagers, builders, architects, interior designers) to elevate your real estate experience.

Our Agent Network

The Private List has assembled a network of the best real estate agents in Boston. We foster networking and brainstorming through intimate events. Members of our invitation-only network share resources and connect with each other, which helps catalyze deals for their clients.

We partner with our member agents, and their clients, to help evaluate properties for potential staging or remodeling prior to sale or acquisition. We also facilitate connections to the best service providers in the area (stagers, organizers, contractors, interior designers).

Our Client Services

For Sellers

Buyers in the luxury space today increasingly look for homes that are turn-key. Properties that are decluttered, organized, updated in key rooms (kitchens, bathrooms) and, if feasible, staged, will have a higher probability of selling faster and at a premium. 

When we meet with you, we evaluate your home and provide you with a comprehensive timeline and plan of action, so you can set expectations for the journey ahead. We help you with the due diligence process as you select an agent to work with, and if you’re already working with an agent, we are available to become a partner in the process and help connect you with the best services to help you prepare your home. 

For Buyers

We can help you evaluate a home you might be considering for purchase. We assist with cost estimates for remodels, so you can better understand the investment you’re about to make. When you close on the property, we can assist with selecting the right team to help transform your new home, and in select cases we can continue working with you to help manage the entire process.